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yearly, once a year, each year, per annum, per year; every year

Thesaurus of popular words. 2014.

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  • annually — UK US /ˈænjuəli/ adverb ► every year: »Your starting salary is £20,000 per annum and will be reviewed annually. »Both companies turn in pre tax profits of over $5.5 million annually …   Financial and business terms

  • Annually — An nu*al*ly, adv. Yearly; year by year. [1913 Webster] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • annually — index per annum Burton s Legal Thesaurus. William C. Burton. 2006 …   Law dictionary

  • annually — (adv.) 1590s, from ANNUAL (Cf. annual) (adj.) + LY (Cf. ly) (2) …   Etymology dictionary

  • annually — [adv] occurring, done yearly by the year, each year, every year, once a year, per annum, per year, year after year; concept 541 …   New thesaurus

  • annually — adv. Annually is used with these verbs: ↑award, ↑elect, ↑inspect, ↑perform, ↑produce, ↑renew, ↑review, ↑spend, ↑update …   Collocations dictionary

  • annually — UK [ˈænjuəlɪ] / US adverb once every year The directory is published annually …   English dictionary

  • annually — / ænjuəli/ adverb each year ● The figures are updated annually …   Dictionary of banking and finance

  • annually — annual ► ADJECTIVE 1) occurring once a year. 2) calculated over or covering a year. 3) (of a plant) living for a year or less. ► NOUN 1) a book or magazine of a series published once a year. 2) an annual plant. DERIVATIVES …   English terms dictionary

  • annually — adverb 1. without missing a year (Freq. 4) they travel to China annually • Syn: ↑yearly, ↑every year, ↑each year • Derived from adjective: ↑annual 2. by the year; every year …   Useful english dictionary

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